It’s been a while

I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted and a lot has happened in that time. This one will be short just to let you know I’m still around!

First, WordPress has done an update and I need to revise my site so things may disappear for a bit. If that happens, bear with me.

Second, last time I wrote, I was still working on my online course. Well…that morphed into three and then I realized I needed to write a lot of material as well as doing videos, so I started working on revisions to workshop booklets that morphed into a book, then 3 books. I thought I could take images from videos for the books, but that didn’t work, so now I’m deep into work on the first book, Vibrant Vessels Creative Coiled Basketry: The Coiling Basics Workbook, writing, revising, coiling samples, taking images–I never realized there was so much work to writing a book! Once it is done–and it keeps taking longer and longer as I add, revise, reshoot images etc–I will go back to making videos for the first online course based on this book.

One of the reasons I decided I needed a book to base the course on is that I am left-handed. For those of you who aren’t left-handed, let me say it can be a challenge to try to figure out how to do something as a left-hander from right-handed directions and images. So, one of my challenges has been to create images and directions for both left-and right-handers. Photoshop to the rescue!!! For each image I take, I flip it to create a right-handed version. Here’s an example:

Left-handed orientation of the beginning of a coiled basket.
Right-handed orientation

This will work for a lot of the introductory chapters, but I need to do separate samples of the two vessels in the book because their construction will differ for left- and right-handers. This is a slow process and I’m taking my time because I want it to be right, clear and complete.

On the studio front, I have begun work on several pieces for an exhibition I was invited to participate in late next year. Between the book, online course and these pieces, I’ve been pretty busy.

I hope all is well with you and that you have found ways to stay positive and connected to your creative life this past year. I will keep you all posted and share image of the new pieces I’m working on, as well as the book and course–which I really do hope to have out this year.

Take care and thanks for your patience!

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