Tidal Pool lo res
Tidal Pool (detail) Coiled Vessel, cotton, rayon and jute


KeelingVista1 lores
Vista 17.5 w x 8 h x 5 d Coiled Vessel Cotton and jute 
From a bit of green thread 1 2007 lo res
From a bit of green thread (detail) Cotton and jute 
Landscape in Primary Colors 2008 lo res
Landscape in Primary Colors 6.25 w x 6.5 h Coiled Vessel Cotton and jute 
Pacifica 2015 brightened lo res
Pacifica 14.5 diameter x 3 deep Coiled Vessel Cotton, viscose and jute
Reflections 1 lo res
Reflections 10.5 w x 7 h Coiled Vessel Cotton, rayon, silk and jute
Relief of Rain 1 2012 brightened lores
Relief of Rain 8.5 w x 9.5 h x 4.5 d Coiled Vessel Cotton, wool and jute 


September lo res
September Coiled Vessel Cotton, wool and jute


Tributary 1 lo res
Tributary 5.5 w x 12.25 h Coiled Vessel Cotton, silk and rayon and jute
Irises Unfolding lo res
Irises Unfolding (detail) Coiled vessel, cotton and sisal 
Flora Folklorico 1 2011 100 pixels
Flora Folklorico 13.5 diameter x 1.5 deep Coiled Vessel, cotton and sisal 
Windswept lo res
Windswept 5.75 x 8.75, Coiled Vessel, cotton and jute
Firestorm 1991 lo res
Firestorm 10 w X 3 h Coiled Vessel Wool

I create coiled, sculptural vessels as a form of visual music.

Vibrant Flowing Colors are a hallmark of my work.

Each piece evolves as it is created

Spiraling upward and outward

Coiling and growing from its inspiration…

A color

A movement

A phrase of music

Grace and Beauty          Calm and Stillness        Joy and Peace

May you find these through my work.